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Our UK detectives have sniffed out the cheapest products for knife blade in Hand Tools and Cookware & Utensils including these related brands: WESTFALIA, MODEL CRAFT, DRAPER REDLINE, STANLEY, SEALEY.

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Professional Butcher´s Knives Westfalia open in new window * Non-slip handles * Laser tested blade * 1 Boning knife with 13 cm blade * 1 Cutting off knife with 18 cm blade * 1 Block knife with 21 cm blade WESTFALIA
£12.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Model Craft PKN3305S Precision Craft Knife Set (16pcs) Model Craft Craft/Hobby Knives with Blade - Model Craft PKN3305/S, This precision craft knife set from Model Craft is high quality collection which comes comple ... MODEL CRAFT
£10.25 See offer
Draper Redline 67675 Retractable Segment Blade Knife Draper-Redline-Retractable-Segment-Blade-Knife-Draper-Redline-67675-This-blade-knife-from-Draper-Redline-has-a-plastic-handle-and-snap-off-segment-retractable-b ... DRAPER REDLINE
£0.61 See offer
Stanley 910813 Sport Quickslide Utility Knife Stanley-Sport-Quickslide-Utility-Knife-Stanley-9-10-813-The-Stanley-Sport-Quickslide-Utility-Knife-is-a-multi-blade-and-multi-function-knife-comprising-LI-75mm- ... STANLEY
£24.61 See offer
STANLEY XMS15KNIFE HIVIS RED RETRACTABLE KNIFE STANLEY XMS15KNIFE HIVIS RED RETRACTABLE KNIFE The Stanley original retractable blade knife is made from diecast metal The ergonomic design provides&nb ...
£4.96 See offer
Sealey AK2410 Hobby Knife Retractable Blade Sealey Hobby Knife Retractable Blade - Sealey AK2410, A hobby knife from Sealey with a unique retractable blade design. Simply hold the rubber sleeve and twist ... SEALEY
£8.15 See offer
Professional butcher knife set 3 pieces open in new window Set of 3 DICK Professional Butcherâ??s Knives  * 1 Boning knife with 13 cm blade * 1 Cutting off knife with 18 cm blade * 1 Block knife with 21 cm blade
£41.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Stanley 210122 Titan Retractable Blade Knife (HeavyDuty) Stanley-2-10-122-Titan-Retractable-Blade-Knife-Stanley-2-10-122-Heavy-duty-Titan-retractable-blade-knife-Stanley-2-10-122-Titan-Retractable-Blade-Knife-Heavy-Du ... STANLEY
£16.14 See offer
Stanley FMHT010827 FatMax Fixed Blade Folding Knife Stanley-FatMax-Fixed-Blade-Folding-Knife-Stanley-FMHT0-10827-The-Stanley-FatMax-Fixed-Blade-Folding-Knife-has-an-ergonomic-design-for-comfortable-extended-heavy ... STANLEY
£12.23 See offer
Major Brushes Potters Knife Potter-s-Knife-Major-Brushes-7620-A-straight-Potter-s-knife-with-a-pointed-blade-and-a-durable-wooden-handle-The-overall-length-of-the-knife-is-165mm-and-the-le ... MAJOR BRUSHES
£1.79 See offer
Stanley Fatmax Folding Fixed Blade Knife The Stanley FatMax Fixed Blade Folding Knife has an ergonomic design for comfortable extended heavy-duty use. Its soft hand grip and thumb pad ensure comfort a ... STANLEY
£12.99 See offer
010073 folding pocket knife with wooden handle the stanley 0-10-073 folding pocket knife has an attractive wooden handle and a stainless steel folding mechanism which offers durability as well as resistance ... STANLEY
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ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£9.95+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer
Rolson 18mm Utility Knife 18mm Snap Off Knife. Manufactured from moulded plastic. Blade auto lock. Quick change cartridge. Metal guide for extra protection. Make clean cuts with the 18mm ...
£2.50 See offer
Rolson Folding Trimming Knife Zinc alloy blade head. Aluminium alloy body. Quick change blade mechanism built in packaging cutter. Belt clip on reverse blade - folds back into body for safet ...
£8.89 See offer
Knipex 98 56 Cable Knife With Replaceable Blade 185mm Knipex-98-56-Cable-Knife-with-Replaceable-Blade-185mm-Knipex-98-56-This-cable-knife-from-Knipex-has-a-replaceable-straight-blade-with-special-sharpening-The-bla ... KNIPEX
£21.72 See offer
Stanley 010018 SnapOff Blade Knife 18mm Stanley Snap-Off Blade Knife 9mm - Stanley 0-10-018, Interlock 18 mm snap-off blade knife with 8 segments.Die-cast metal body with a smooth finish.Captive blade ... STANLEY
£7.10 See offer
Stanley 010095 SnapOff Blade Knife 9mm Stanley Snap-Off Blade Knife 9mm - Stanley 0-10-095, Interlock 9 mm retractable snap-off blade knife. Die-cast metal body.Light, strong and durable patented wed ... STANLEY
£5.40 See offer
Stanley 010237 Retractable Blade Knife Autoload Stanley-Retractable-Blade-Knife-Autoload-Stanley-0-10-237-The-Stanley-Retractable-Blade-Knife-has-autoload-blade-change-for-instant-access-to-stored-blades-It-h ... STANLEY
£13.25 See offer
Stanley 010242 FatMax Safety Knife Stanley-FatMax-Safety-Knife-Stanley-0-10-242-The-Stanley-FatMax™-Safety-Knife-has-an-Autoretract-blade-system-that-retracts-the-blade-as-soon-as-it-leaves-conta ... STANLEY
£12.20 See offer
Stanley 010299 Fixed Blade Utility Knife Stanley-Fixed-Blade-Utility-Knife-Stanley-0-10-299-A-fixed-blade-utility-knife-with-a-metal-grooved-body-for-secure-handling-LI-It-incorporates-the-interlock-pa ... STANLEY
£3.38 See offer
Stanley 010409 Dynagrip 9mm SnapOff blade Knife Stanley Dynagrip 9mm Snap-Off Blade Knife - Stanley 0-10-409, Stainless steel barrel with grey Dynagrip soft-touch polypropylene grip offers a strong, light and ... STANLEY
£5.20 See offer
Stanley 010418 Dynagrip SnapOff Blade Knife 18mm Stanley Dynagrip 9mm Snap-Off Blade Knife - Stanley 0-10-418, Stainless steel barrel with grey dynagrip soft-touch polypropylene grip offers a strong, light and ... STANLEY
£7.10 See offer
Stanley 010481 FatMax SnapOff Knife 18mm Stanley FatMax Snap-Off Knife - Stanley 0-10-481, The Stanley FatMax snap-off knife features a blade wiper to remove excess debris and prolong the life of the b ... STANLEY
£12.00 See offer
Stanley 010780 FatMax Fixed Blade Utility Knife Stanley-FatMax-Fixed-Blade-Utility-Knife-Stanley-0-10-780-The-Stanley-STA0-10-780-fixed-blade-knife-comes-with-5-FatMax-blades-It-has-a-magnetic-nose-which-stop ... STANLEY
£10.81 See offer
Stanley 010705 Fixed Blade Knife Stanley-Fixed-Blade-Knife-Stanley-0-10-705-A-fixed-blade-utility-knife-with-narrow-nose-for-accurate-cutting-and-access-LI-Ergonomically-designed-to-keep-knuckl ... STANLEY
£5.59 See offer
Stanley 210550 Titan Fixed Blade Trimming Knife Carded Stanley-Titan-Fixed-Blade-Trimming-Knife-Stanley-2-10-550-The-Stanley-Titan-super-heavy-duty-knife-is-used-primarily-by-carpet-fitters-and-tradesmen-and-has-the ... STANLEY
£12.55 See offer
£7.43+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
Stanley Wooden Handle Folding Knife The Stanley folding wooden handle knife is a premium knife that folds away neatly for comfort and storage.Features: Folding knife for storage and safety, Quick ...
£14.99 See offer
Draper DIY Series 08693 Retractable Snap Off Knife 9mm With a slimline plastic handle, the 9mm Draper DIY Series - 08693 retractable snap off blade knife has a snap off segment retractable blade. Handy to use for al ... DRAPER
£1.25+ Delivery: £2.99 See offer
Draper DIY Series 08694 Retractable Snap Off Knife 18mm With a heavy duty plastic handle, the 18mm Draper DIY Series - 08694 retractable snap off blade knife has a snap off segment retractable blade. Handy to use for ... DRAPER
£1.50+ Delivery: £2.99 See offer
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