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Kona Zing Al 2016 Road Bike A really quick perfectly priced asphalt-burning road bike featuring a new Kona SuperLight 7046 Aluminum Butted alloy frameset with carbon leg fork. Stiff when y ... KONA
£799.20 See offer
Kona Esatto Disc Deluxe 2016 Road Bike Ride deeper into road on the Esatto DDL?s brand new Kona SuperLight 7046 Aluminum Butted Alloy frame. With size-specific tubing incorporated to provide frames t ... KONA
£1,169.22 See offer
Kona Jake 24" Kids 2016 Cx Bike The Jake 24 is a Kid-specific cyclocross gravel-trail road-training bike that?s lightweight without being expensive. We love making this little gem. As the long ... KONA
£559.20 See offer
Kona Phd Sports Hybrid Bike 2017 Just what the doctor ordered? Sure it might sound a little hokey but when we combined road-bike-like speed with the comfort of a city hybrid even we were surpri ... KONA
£1,199.99 See offer
Kona Dr Dew Sports Hybrid Bike 2017 Clean simple stylish and dependable: we pull out all the stops on the Dr Dew. Its 1x drivetrain is the first thing to catch your eye?the simple wide range of ge ... KONA
£898.99 See offer
Kona Esatto Fast Flat Bar Road Bike 2016 The name says it all. A speedy commuter bike laden with geometry and components that eats up asphalt for breakfast and spits it out all afternoon long. Featurin ... KONA
£959.20 See offer
Kona Major Jake 2016 Cx Bike Our top-drawer Kona Carbon cyclocross racer is the ultimate weapon for tracks from Holland to New Hampshire. This is the frame Kona Team rider Helen Wyman uses ... KONA
£2,124.15 See offer
Kona Esatto 2016 Road Bike Featuring the same great ride features as the other models but with rim brakes the Esatto lets you breeze through the roadways of the world with a rider positio ... KONA
£701.22 See offer
Kona Dew Plus 2016 Sports Hybrid Bike Add a dash of style and unadulterated fun to your daily commute. Bike lanes gravel paths and all kinds of asphalt fall away like bumper-to-bumper traffic with t ... KONA
£467.22 See offer
Kona Honky Tonk 2016 Road Bike If you were the legendary Erik Tonkin from Sellwood Cycle in Portland Oregon you'd be a bold ride-free ride-wild ride-everywhere all-the-time kind of person ... KONA
£701.22 See offer
Kona Humuhumu 2016 Bike The Humu originally started out as our bar bike?our two-wheeled utilitarian way about town. It was never designed to be a klunker class bike but when mountain b ... KONA
£521.82 See offer
Kona Jake The Snake Carbon 2016 Cx Bike It?s the most affordable carbon cyclocross bike we?ve ever made. All the power all the speed all the unadulterated fun of our Major Jake but with a component pa ... KONA
£1,519.20 See offer
Kona Paddy Wagon 2016 Singlespeed Road Bike A cult-classic downtown speedster you?ll spot everywhere from Helsinki to Halifax. Featuring a svelte Reynolds 520 frameset with new stubbie handlebars and sere ... KONA
£467.22 See offer
Kona Wo Fat Bike 2016 Sand snow surf mulch mud bog: the Wo goes everywhere?with glacier-wide smiles along the way. We don?t like the idea of telling our customers when and where and ... KONA
£1,199.20 See offer
Kona Splice Deluxe Sports Hybrid Bike 2016 You want to ride the road then jump onto gravel perhaps a quick spot of dirt then back to road. Ride the bike that makes all of life?s many surfaces work Kona?s ... KONA
£545.22 See offer
Kona Paddy Wagon 3 Speed 2016 Sports Hybrid Bike The new Paddy Wagon 3 uses our downtown loving Paddy Wagon frame and speeds it up with a riser bar for heads-up urban riding. To further simplify the ride we ad ... KONA
£467.22 See offer
Kona Jake The Snake 2016 Cx Bike The Jake the Snake is continually one of Kona?s best-selling models and for good reason. The frame design and spec package come together to create a race-worthy ... KONA
£1,119.20 See offer
Kona Dew Deluxe 2016 Sports Hybrid Bike For discerning commuters who want a high-performance bike designed to flow effortlessly from A to B. Clean and simple with new frame geometry features and compo ... KONA
£545.22 See offer
Kona Stinky 26 Dh Mountain Bike 2017 All the fun for riders who want all the big bike performance of a larger downhill bike but aren?t on a Pro race-team budget. Utilizing our proven Kona DH alumin ... KONA
£2,598.99 See offer
Kona Mohala Womens Mountain Bike 2017 The Mohala is designed around our female-specific geometry that is aggressive and confidence inspiring for those looking to push their riding skill further. Bas ... KONA
£1,098.99 See offer
Kona Mahuna Mountain Bike 2017 The advantages of 29-inch wheels has been touted for years. They roll faster and have a larger contact patch with the trail creating more traction and a more co ... KONA
£648.99 See offer
Kona Precept 120 Mountain Bike 2016 Designed specifically for riders looking to step off of their hardtail and dive deeper into Trail riding. Taking design cues from our Process line the Precept 1 ... KONA
£1,139.05 See offer
Kona Precept 130 Mountain Bike 2016 It?s one of the most radically capable bikes in our lineup. If your legs and lungs are there you?ll keep up with honchos on carbon bling bikes. Modeled around t ... KONA
£1,329.05 See offer
Kona Mohala 2016 Womens Mountain Bike Designed specifically to meet the needs of today?s budding female mountain biker the Mohala is all about providing the comfort and confidence you need to dive d ... KONA
£879.20 See offer
Kona Paddy Wagon Tt 2017 Sports Hybrid Bike We might be taking the phrase ?take the bull by the horns? a little too literally but once you you wrap your hands around the bullhorn bars on this Paddy Wagon ... KONA
£599.00 See offer
Kona Esatto 2017 Road Bike There?s something to be said for tradition. For well over a century road bikes remained relatively unchanged because their practical and efficient design worked ... KONA
£999.00 See offer
Kona Paddy Wagon Stubby 2017 Sports Hybrid Bike Flat bars were the natural evolution from the drop bar for densely packed city streets. The ability to trim handlebars down is valuable when gridlock sets in an ... KONA
£599.00 See offer
Kona Penthouse 2017 Road Bike Perhaps the most versatile and value-packed penthouse available on the market today. It?s built on a durable foundation of Kona steel and outfitted with dependa ... KONA
£699.00 See offer
Kona Esatto Disc Deluxe 2017 Road Bike What a road bike is meant to be. With roads generally in disrepair it?s time for a modern road bike that can handle current circumstances. The Esatto DDL is bui ... KONA
£1,899.00 See offer
Kona Paddy Wagon Drop 2017 Road Bike Why put drop bars on a single speed bike designed for ripping around the city? Because Kevin Bacon did it with fixed-gear speed attitude and a beret. If you nee ... KONA
£599.00 See offer
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